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Car Charger


Ex Tax: ₹140.00


Model No:WGS_CCH_001,Type:DUAL USB,Color:WHITE,Input Voltage:12-24VDC,Output Voltage:5VDC,Output Current:2.4 Amp (Max),Output Wattage:12 Watt (Max),,1.Smart IC controlled circuit for Smart and Feature..


10 Disposable Medical Face Masks


Ex Tax: ₹235.00


Facemasks help limit the spread of germs. When someone talks, coughs, or sneezes they may release tiny drops into the air that can infect others. If someone is ill face masks can reduce the number of ..

32 in 1 Metal Screwdriver Tool


Ex Tax: ₹250.00


100% Brand new 32-piece precision screwdriver kit setJackly Jk 6032-A 32-piece Mini PRECISION SCREWDRIVER SET with case w/ Tweezer, Handle & Torx, Hex Bits etc. Jk6032-ANon-slip tough shaft ensure..


3W SMD LED Light


Ex Tax: ₹110.00


This Small Size Emergency Rechargeable LED Strip Light comes from the house of WeFuse. It is made up of Plastic. It is Multicolour in colour. It weighs around 200 grams. It has approximate measurement..

8 in 1 Multi Function Multi Screwdriver Kit


Ex Tax: ₹180.00


8 in 1 Multi-function Screwdriver Kit, Tool Kit Set + 6 LED light Torch. Easily Folds up and gives acess to the tool which you requireEasily Folds up and gives acess to the tool which you requireLight..

Anti Lost Alarm


Ex Tax: ₹165.00


The tracker can chain your easy-lost & valuable belongings together and work with smart phone to prevent loss. The tracker is also a remote control of your smart phone camera for self-portrait The..


Aodma Air Sterilizer ST-807(GREEN)


Ex Tax: ₹530.00


99% sterilization rateLight and compact7 day charging cycle..


AODMA Air Sterlizer ST-807(WHITE)


Ex Tax: ₹540.00


99% sterilization rateLight and compact7 day charging cycle..


Car Bluetooth


Ex Tax: ₹230.00


Type: Car Bluetooth ConverterMicrophone Type: Built-inConnectivity: AUXAUX Cable IncludedMusic Streaming Support, Call Receiving..

Showing 1 to 9 of 30 (4 Pages)

Make your everyday life more easy and comfortable with advanced and convenient to use technology by WeFuse. 
The everyday products like electric gas lighter, air sterilizer, hair removal pads, wireless doorbell, air purifier, and USB light are available at 

Shop From WeFuse-

Get your hands on the best deals and amazing products with fast delivery from WeFuse. Buy the latest items either for yourself or for gift purpose and make the life more easy-going.  

At WeFuse, you will also find other useful items like mobile accessories, home appliances, Combo items, pen drives, innovative items, and a lot more different products that can be bought in a reasonable price. 

The products are designed in such a manner that some of them are very light-weight in order to use it easily. The affordable range of products with latest technology has led 24 Shopping Bazaar’s name in the best-sellers list. Every product is unique in its own way and can be used on a long term basis. 

WeFuse has gained its loyal customers because of its dedication towards the customers and assured quality of products along with on-time delivery. The company also manages to help its customers in any of the doubts or issues regarding the products. 

1) Aodma Air Sterilizer ST-807-

AODMA small ozone generator generates Ozone (O3) with the help of its internal ozone generating components. The strong oxidative decomposition ability of Ozone allows it to quickly eliminate the odor from the air. The device is compatible for cars, pet rooms, toilets, shoe cabinets, refrigerators, etc. It can also be used to remove formaldehyde from new homes.

The Air Sterilizer has an in-built rechargeable battery that can be used for a long time. It requires one time charging via USB and one-time full charge lasts up to 7 days. It has a built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery, and USB interface can be used with computer or mobile power. 

The air sterilizer is super easy to operate. All you have to do is just press the button and the visible light indicates that it is working. To turn the device off, long press the power button. This smart ozone generator air purifier is suitable for shoe cabinet, bathroom, pantry, small areas such as pet areas and cars. It eliminates odor. 

WeFuse assures the guarantee of the product along with fast-delivery.

2) Electronic Gas Lighter-

Electronic Gas Lighter with LED torch has a superior quality non-stop spark. The easy and convenient device has a soft touch switch for generating spark. The LED torch is added for convenience.  The body of the device uses 1 AA cell (1.5v). 

The device is a must for every kitchen and proves an excellent gift item. It lasts longer than the regular stainless steel gas lighter. The body of electronic gas lighter is made up of plastic and thus it does not get dirty like the steel lighter. 

3) OxyFresh 1500 Air Purifier-

OxyFresh 1500 Air purifier or air cleaner removes contaminants from the air.
It makes life easy by making your surrounding air clean and fit to inhale. The unique design is a feature that is designed to fit into every house. 

The OxyFresh 1500 Air Purifier generates fresh indoor air by emitting the same positive and negative ions that occur in nature. It also removes static electricity that traps dust particles and pollen.

The device comes with a touch screen remote control
Removes static electricity that traps dust particles and pollen. 

Effectively catalyzes and decomposes harmful and noxious gases like formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia estrains activation of viruses.

4) OxyFresh 601 Air Purifier

OxyFresh 601 Air purifier or air cleaner removes contaminants from the air.
It makes life easy by making your surrounding air clean and fit to inhale. The unique design is a feature that is designed to fit into every house. 

The Sleek, contemporary, Swedish design can be easily kept in the house. The air purifier is easy to use and maintain. 

It has a 2-stage HEPA Silent technology which captures 99.97-percent of 0.1 micron particles. It is energy efficient. 

The Air quality sensor and filter change indicator helps keep indoor air free from dust (PM 2.5, PM10), gases, smoke, bad odour, allergens, and air-borne infectants. It has 7-stage air purification technology that includes Pre-filter, anti-bacterial filter, H10 grade HEPA, activated Carbon, photo catalyst, ultra Violet and Ionizer. Ideal for homes, hospitals, guest houses, small offices, hotel rooms, and doctor’s chambers.

5) Sundepil Hair Removal Pads

The Sundepil Hair Removal Pad removes hair by exfoliating with a flex-crystal pad. The pad removes hair and exfoliates the skin at the same time without giving the pain. It is perfect for facial and body hair removal.  

This kit includes four small flex-applicator pads and four large flex-applicator pads. It is completely safe for the upper lip of the body. You can easily get rid of unwanted hair in no time as it removes hair instantly without any pain. 

You only have to apply the hair removal cream in the area you want to get rid of the hair and in circular motions, start exfoliating the skin which will remove the dirt and hair from the body. 

6) Portable USB Light

The USB Light is portable & bendable made of silicone which is 360 degree flexible. LED light gives maximum illumination and plugs into any USB port. 

The USB light works on PCs, Laptops, and Apple Mac Books.

It can be also connected to any USB Source like charging adapters. It does not require charging. 

The material of the Portable USB Light is rubber and plastic.


The Portable USB Lights is available in various colors- Green, Purple, Yellow, Dark Pink, and Navy Blue, at 24 Shopping Bazaar. 

7) Wireless Doorbell

No more cables required for installing the doorbell. Replace your generic wired doorbell with this latest wireless doorbell.

The wireless doorbell contains a push button transmitter. With double side stickers at the back side of the remote button it easily sticks anywhere. It requires a few minutes to install without any professional help.

With its versatile and compact design, this bell has an impressive range. You can listen to the doorbell with this wireless set even while watching television or listening to high volume music. Switch to wireless doorbell from conventional wired doorbell as it is portable and can be fitted anywhere you want. Its major advantage is its portability i.e. it can be easily switched to another location in case you are shifting. It is much safer and secure than a wired doorbell.