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Model No.:WGS_AUX_001,Color:Multicolor,Type:3.5 male to male,Plug Type:3.5mm,Cable Length:1 Meter,1.Extra Long, Extra Durable: 1 meter long sturdy 3.5 mm Aux cable is convenient for connecting portabl..

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Model No.:WGS_AUX_001,Color:Multicolor,
Type:3.5 male to male,
Plug Type:3.5mm,
Cable Length:1 Meter,1
.Extra Long, Extra Durable: 1 meter long sturdy 3.5 mm Aux cable is convenient for connecting portable audio devices,
2.Gold Plated Connectors: Built with dual-shielding, high-quality polished metal connectors and corrosion-resistant gold-plated 3.5mm connectors, the plugs are durable enough to withstand heavy usage,
3.Incredible Sound: Seamlessly transmits stereo audio for high quality sound, while ensuring reliability and reducing signal loss and noise. The cable's flexible jacket is perfect for tight spaces,
4.Tangle Free: The tangle-free design makes the cable easy to store, you can wind it without having to worry about knots or kinks. Ideal to use at home, car and outdoor


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