Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy-

WeFuse under Wowo Gifting Solutions mentions all the following terms and conditions which we request you to kindly accept along with our privacy policy to use this website.  This is the agreement between the company (Wowo Gifting Solutions) and the client (you). 

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We allow hyperlinking to our website for the following organizations-
1) Government agencies
2) Search engines
3) News organizations
4) Online Directory Distributors

-We do not allow hyperlinking to our website if-
1) Organization is found guilty of implying false sponsorship.
2) Organization has an unsatisfactory record with us (WeFuse).
3) Organization has been involved in any kind of unfair activities with other websites or companies.

Revision of terms
WeFuse informs it’s users and clients that our company takes sole responsibility of updating terms and conditions on time-to-time basis.

Objection on content
If any of the links or content mentioned on our website creates an issue or is wrongly mentioned, we request the visitor to contact us and changes will be made accordingly. 

Our Company (WeFuse) takes complete guarantee of looking after all the privacy concerns of our visitors (you). But if any of the visitors is found to be misusing our website, we will be taking stricter actions against it.